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Re: Mortality rates

Subject: Re: Mortality rates
From: Bill Kowalczyk
Date: Dec 18 2003 15:20:11
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From: "Chris Hastie" <>

What are people's experience of mortality rates in urban plantings, both
including and excluding vandalism?

I'm aware of a 26% figure from Johnston and Rushton, but does any one have
any information to qualify what seems a surprisingly high figure to me.

Hi Chris
There's some stuff by Prof Bradshaw of Liverpool University in "Trees in the
Urban Landscape" 1995 considering the whole thing, establishment, watering,
vandalism etc. etc. ISBN 0-419-20100-9

He talks about "most estimates suggest approximately 10% of newly planted
trees die in their first year" but I can't see where those estimates come
But others die for other reasons over longer periods and another survey
studied 30 different sites and found only 54% still surviving after five

I've been saying for some time the problem with us Arbs is we don't plant
enough trees (certain notable exceptions of course :o)

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