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Time to think

Subject: Time to think
From: Treecheck
Date: Dec 20 2003 12:56:08
Nearly Christmas and the year is nearly time to think and have a 
drink or two or three.

In the words of some old bag lady in Windsor, 2003 was an Anus horribilis ( 
Sorry Latin not my strong suite) for anyone with a chainsaw trying to emply 
people and earn his living.

At my annual review with the accountant, even he showed an interest in the 
insurance traumas of our industry.  As NATwest says (not very 
convincingly...there must be a  better way.  

It occurs to me that the implotion in our industry is going to mean more 
people working under the subby umbrella of others and while the legal beagles 
the insurers cannot define where employer/subby and main contractor 
liabilities start and finish at least two parties and maybe three will end up 
insurance cover for the same risks.  

Are we all aware that not only will AXA soon be charging us £400+ for a pre 
insurance inspection but they will be taking two premiums for policies where 
only one will EVER be claimed on.  Having said that Algarve may want to tell 
that they need a double charging system just to get enough dough coming into 
the pot!!

And a very Merry Christmas to you all


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