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Re: Time to think - INSURANCE

Subject: Re: Time to think - INSURANCE
From: Treecheck
Date: Dec 23 2003 08:32:13
In a message dated 22/12/03 22:26:25 GMT Standard Time, writes:

Play safe and disregard your employees'  EL insurance - make sure that YOU
are covered


We can't by law and that is part of the problem.  The hot potato which 
nobody wants to handle is the definitition of employee as opposed to Sub 
contractor.  The firms that do the job, walk the work and talk the talk 
should pay the 
premium, not every other guy up the line just in case it gets passed to 

It may not be the Christmas spirit but it will concentrate everybodys mind 
if every employer not having EL was reported to the HSE. The fur flying as 
result would soon resolve the definition problem.  Governments are only 
interested in sorting out problems when they become embarrasing.


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