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Re: Time to think - INSURANCE...Christmas project

Subject: Re: Time to think - INSURANCE...Christmas project
From: Treecheck
Date: Dec 23 2003 17:44:23
To follow the Christmas analogy:

Santa who is self employed contracts hires a large sleigh from Reykavik 
sleigh and bob Hire, owns and employs 4 pulling reindeer who are normally 
paid to 
nuzzle visiting children and not to go wandering around the skies with heavy 
loads in the charge of enebriated old men in red tights.  S subcontracts the 
lead work to a certificated and lit up old stag called Rudolf who is much in 
demand for this work and expects to do at least 100 call out on the night of 

S lost his way over Windsor and indicated to R that they should land on roof 
of large local castle with tall chimneys.  At final stages of landing R 
misjudges approach speed and slides 1000 kg unbraked sledge into chimney pot

Without the help of Algarve, AXA or the remains of the bottle of malt whisky 
found in the possession of one of the lesser reindeer, please indicate the 
expected insurance liabilities on the different parties.


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