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Re: Time to think - INSURANCE...Christmas project

Subject: Re: Time to think - INSURANCE...Christmas project
From: Steve . Hookham
Date: Dec 24 2003 08:22:27

Without the help of Algarve, AXA or the remains of the bottle of malt
found in the possession of one of the lesser reindeer, please indicate the
expected insurance liabilities on the different parties.

It's never simple is it?

Ken, I think we need more info to help us pick this one apart:-

Were any reindeer or elves injured or killed.

Has the HSE been notified, this may well qualify as a Dangerous Occurrence
(also mandatory if anyone employed had more than three days off work as a

Is S an individual T/A Santa, a volunteer or is he part of a Body
Corporate?  I'm thinking maybe he is, in turn, employed by a higher
authority or shares some responsibility with some trustees etc.  (I'm
looking to nail the most liable and also able, first)

Were there any consequential losses, either by the household or recipients
of the goods in transit, also did S have his GIT insurance.

Minimum 100 call outs seems low, is this just a local franchisee or is this
indicative of general bad behaviour globally.

Did S observe the EU Working Time Directive and or had the Reindeer opted
out, in writing.

Was the castle roof lit and clearly marked.

Had the roof been gritted.

What was the condition of the chimney prior to the alleged damage.

Were any sparks or smoke being emitted from the chimney which would
mitigate Rudolf's misjudgement.

Were the police involved and if so was a breathaliser test administered to
S and his team.

What responsibility do the CAA have here?

Have any children been traumatised by the late or non-arrival of presents
which were promised for Next Day delivery. If so can we have copies of the
medical assessments.

Steve H

PS Sorry not to be able to answer your succinct question but I'm just doing
what the insurance companies do.


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