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Re: Time to think - INSURANCE...Christmas project

Subject: Re: Time to think - INSURANCE...Christmas project
From: Jerry Dicker
Date: Dec 26 2003 22:05:14
Misjudgement, mate?  Leave it out.
Anyway, what chimney?  Local chimley ossifer said no chims had preversation
orders on 'em in that whole aerial.  cleared the lot.  nice neat (hic) job.
Don'y give me that stuff.  We no where yo live.

R. t. R.-N. Reindeer (Mr)

Specialist chimley and Roof worker.
All kinds of chims removed, shortened or de-potted.
All aerials destroyed.  Pigeons, gulls and owls topped.
Slates and tiles cleared.
All kinds of roof work carried out.
Free quote and expert advice.
07798 XXX XXX

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Were any reindeer or elves injured or killed.

What was the condition of the chimney prior to the alleged damage.

Were any sparks or smoke being emitted from the chimney which would
mitigate Rudolf's misjudgement.

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