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Tree to dwelling distance

Subject: Tree to dwelling distance
From: Edmund Hopkins
Date: Dec 29 2003 10:30:55
I can't see this working- for example what is the potential height of a
tree? And who would treat a tree to the north as identical to a tree to the
south, in respect to light/nuisance etc? It would be nice to know a little
about those failed challenges, does the Taunton Deane TO lurk out there?

I can think of a few new developments in Taunton Deane well within falling
distance of Sequiadendron giganteum in the town of Wellington.

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From: Francis Jones []
Sent: Monday, December 22, 2003 3:28 PM
To: UK Tree Care
Subject: RE: Treelife Contacts

We are thinking of including on our supplementary planning guidance the
advice that there should be no dwellings within 2/3rds the potential height
of a protected tree. We are taking the lead from Taunton Dean DC which
introduced it a few years ago. They say it has worked well. The odd
developer has challenged it, but unsuccessfully. As any Arb. Officer will
know this is not about protecting roots but preventing complaints about the
tree afterwards. It does seem a shame that the people who should be enjoying
the tree most,rarely do.
Any comments please.


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