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Tree survey - how many dodgy trees from initial survey work

Subject: Tree survey - how many dodgy trees from initial survey work
From: John Flannigan
Date: Dec 30 2003 16:06:24
I'm still ploughing through this risk assessment business and I would
appreciate any info on the following.

I am, hopefully, about to embark on a thorough survey of the trees under my
responsibility. I am trying to judge (in a scientifically wild a** way) how
many trees will be found that will need urgent work from this initial
survey. I was therefore wondering if those that had undertaken similar
surveys had worked it out in any way.

For example, in an ideal world we might find some amazing scientific fact
that 8% of all trees from such surveys were considered to be in need of
urgent attention. This would make budgeting a whole lot easier. It's just as
likely that a range of haphazard findings exist but who knows?

I apologise for the dullness of these postings at this festive time but I've
always found this generally quiet time of year useful for catching up on a
range of paperwork.

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