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Re: Time to think - INSURANCE

Subject: Re: Time to think - INSURANCE
From: Andersonarb
Date: Dec 30 2003 18:29:38
In a message dated 30/12/2003 11:41:46 GMT Standard Time, writes:

Many high risk (we are limiting the problem to EL insurance here)
occupations began to develop a claims history with a progressively worsening
claim ratio. 

Off at a bit of a tangent here; I've droned on about seasonal working before 
but it occurs to me that if these claims are coming in and a significant 
proportion of them are for HAVS injuries then the insurers have an interest 
making sure that all we contractors have sensible breaks from chain saw work. 
sorting out a couple of months planting every year would seem to be eminently 

Do you think they'd offer a discount for contractors who made sure they did 
all arb related jobs rather than just swinging round a tree with a chain saw?

So Jim; are there any figures about the content of these claims or is my 
cynical first assumption that "the insurers don't know anything" correct?


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