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Re: Time to think - INSURANCE

Subject: Re: Time to think - INSURANCE
From: Mark Carter
Date: Dec 30 2003 22:13:07
I agree Ken, but the principle of insurance is that we all pay for a small
number of large claims generated from a minority of the industry.  This
minority may well deserve the claims made against them but we all end up
paying for them under the current set up, for this reason, I support the
principle of a pre renewal or insurance assessment of a company's H&S
performance and a tailoring of the premiums to suit the risk in the same way
a no claims bonus works with car insurance.  The bad risk companies
generating the claims would hopefully be priced out of existence.  However,
the cost of these assessments and who pays for them is a different matter.
I would resent paying a third party to come in and tell me everything was
OK.  Of course, everything may not be OK in which case it could be an
educational exercise worth paying for.  Do you think the insurers would
consider a sliding scale of shared assessment costs?  Companies with a clean
bill of health pay nothing and ones failing the assessment pay the full cost
with a variation of split for everyone in-between.


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Bill and Jim

Maybe a bit of jumping of at another tangent but the "Claims Culture" that
are supposed to live in starts with a claim by a person against a boss, a
firm or against the insurance.

Have the insurers done an assessment of the claims culture in relation to
employment culture. (I doubt it ...this is sociology not economics).  I am
not saying that if we looked after our staff better they wouldnt claim
us but I sometimes get the feeling that in a few cases the employer might
wot he deserved when a claim lands.

I will now did a deep trench and lay down in it


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