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RE: Time to think - INSURANCE

Subject: RE: Time to think - INSURANCE
From: Edmund Hopkins
Date: Dec 31 2003 09:10:28
Paul, how much do you charge for a rasberry ripple - no don't answer that.
Its a fair point about the clientbase not being aware, I think if I were in
business I would put a promotional leaflet in with every quote which would
in passing summarise the insurance aspects/implications: you know, the way
the brewing industry tells us how much of the price of a drink goes to the

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Subject: Re: Time to think - INSURANCE

Hi Scott

I was quoted 4300 euro last week for PI through 2004 (Eire) - Sun Alliance.
number of larger corporates such as utilities will cover PI, EL and PL. The
rest won't. The problem remains, that you have a service of quality to
but no-one will cover the odds.

A strange thing though, the majority of the consultants clientbase don't
realise the implications of this!

Next time you see me, I'll be selling ice cream at street corners, where's
PI in that, maybe E. Virus???

Happy New Year to U and all at UKTC


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