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The Axiom of Uniform Stress in Art

Subject: The Axiom of Uniform Stress in Art
From: Adam Hollis
Date: Jan 11 2004 15:30:09

A belated Happy New Year to all and I know I'm probably subscribing to the wrong forum, but I couldn't help not share this little gem with you to kick off the year:

La douleur est un fruit, Dieu ne le fait pas croitre
Sur la branche trop faible encor pour le porter

L'Enfance, Victor Hugo, Les Contemplations (1856)

To paraphrase - stress is a fruit God let's not grow on any branch too frail to bear it.

I don't know if Acer's lurking out there, but I believe he owes me a pint of Pernod, having challenged me to find another Arb reference in Les Miserables some 2 year's ago. I think Victor Hugo in general is close enough - perhaps just a half then.

Best wishes


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