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RE: Fee rates

Subject: RE: Fee rates
From: Paul Hawksford
Date: Jan 31 2004 23:08:28
Rates are wierd,

In 2003, the client had me drive to Belfast from Coleraine, fly to Cork, rail
it to Limerick, 2 nights at Jury's Inn, 7 hours outside the high court (plus
1/2 hour sipping Pims on the Shannon), 15 minutes in court giving testimony
followed by my return. I billed £2,000 and after saving my client 37,000 euro,
the client still refuses to pay (coz he reckons I've over-billed), but I had
such a good time, who cares! If your ever in Limerick, get to see the castle,
it's ace!

Paul H.

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