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Re: roots in cellars

Subject: Re: roots in cellars
From: Paul Hawksford
Date: Feb 02 2004 07:51:09
I know what your saying Ray

They get what they pay for! When considering vegetation effects on ground
subsidence and the differential movement of the building, will they consider a
team to explore the site in great detail, to monitor over time and to bring
about a definitve causal link between vegetation and building movement? The
insurance brief is plain, sort it out for the lowest possible cost and as fast
as possible, that's why we fell everything even remotely associated or
positioned within proximity to built structures. Trees have been linked to
building damage for many decades, in the early days a spot of plaster and a 
bits of wallpaper often did the trick - no worries on specific 'Building
Research Establishment' (BRE) categories of damage! Have a look at the Bob W.
webpage, an insight I think you'll find rather warming. Now there's a real

Paul H.

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