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Re: uktc Digest V3 #48

Subject: Re: uktc Digest V3 #48
From: Adam Hollis
Date: Feb 23 2004 09:45:32

Not a problem as long as you've got enough RAM.

Get Connectix Virtual PC installed on her Mac.

It does leave your Mac feeling a little violated to have such a grubby, uncool system on its portals, but it does let you log around in other peoples shoes for a while and helps to explain why most of the working world is so miserable.



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From: "Tree Tech" <>
Subject: OT- Macintosh in Limerick
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2004 00:17:11 -0500

Good day.  I have a simple request, a bit off topic here.  I need some
computer advice.

My daughter will be attending University of Limerick starting in
September, for a full year of courses (Equine Sciences).  She is
concerned that their web site says they do not support Macintosh
computers, and have no connections for them.  She doesn't like the idea
of having to deal with a new system she isn't familiar with.

Can anyone say if the web site is either ignorant or out dated?  If
Ethernet is the connection standard there, and I would guess it is, then
there should be no problem.  Does anyone have first-hand knowledge?

Many thanks.  Send replies offline.
   Russ Carlson
   Bear,  DE  USA

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