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RE: Chestnut Pale Fencing

Subject: RE: Chestnut Pale Fencing
From: Paul Hawksford
Date: Feb 28 2004 17:32:26
I don't see a problem with chestnut pale, the important factor is to have the
posts drawn in closer. We had the last lot in at 3m spacing, with 
boards. I had them back a JCB into it and it shifted, but stood well. With
regard to arb site supervision, it's the consultants job to ensure that ground
staff (the brickies) understand the implications. Communicate with them from
day one and you shouldn't have a problem. 

Paul H.

P.S. I'm trying my best to introduce Arb Site Supervision as part of the N.I.
Planning Service SPG's, (specifically tying into PPS's 1-7), although it may
take some time!! They are also considering in certain circumstances of not
allowing development within falling distance of any tree for health and safety
reasons, obviously they think that every tree is capable of falling over 
trees do from time to time), however, if I were to be pedantic, would those
trees also constitute a threat i.e. are they dangerous and therefore 
as exemptions? Remindes me of the 'Bin the SRA' days when I used the term in
Hort Week, the analogy being "Take all the motorways away and nobody gets

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