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RE: Non-registration of planning applications

Subject: RE: Non-registration of planning applications
From: Owen Saward
Date: Aug 12 2004 12:14:41
Thanks everyone who gave advice on this one.  Am in the process of reviewing 
UKTC archive stuff and almost certainly will return very confused with more 
Dominic - I may well give you a call if that's ok.

Dominic Scanlon <> wrote:
Owen wrote:
names of other authorities who are currently running such a system that I
was after. Always handy to hold up examples and make the LPA in question
feel they are inferior to another - tends to get results!>

Exeter City Council, Torbay Borough Council (Neil Coish) are two in Devon
who are definitely doing it, Carrick in Cornwall and probably others. South
Hams District also request tree information, East Devon and Teignbridge are
rapidly moving in that direction. Bear in mind that Devon is way behind the
rest of the world. Look to Dorset and you'll find people who have been
doing this for years.

As Chris said the archive lists the specifics. In short you really need a
few things in place first to make it legit. First a supplementary planning
guidance for trees and development properly adopted.


It's not perfect but it works and sets out that particular Councils
requirements. All these things are in accordance with central government
guidance and BS 5837 so how your planners can say it's not legal is beyond
belief. They are either stalling you or they don't know their own
legislation. That said my experience is that you have to push this but
there are benefits to the planners - see Mr Nicholson's article in the AA
journal that Chris mentioned.

Good luck - any problems contact me off forum.


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