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Standard of Tree Work

Subject: Standard of Tree Work
From: Addison, Gilbert
Date: Mar 16 2006 10:58:58
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We seem to be suffering a serious decline in pruning standards to TPO
trees - it doesn't help that our own contracted out grounds maintenance
are equally guilty. I'm sure you are aware that the same specification
can be interpreted well or appallingly by two different contractors.
Although, the consents we send out say that all work must be carried out
to BS3998, the chances of succeeding with punitive action if it is not
seem very slight to negligible. Has anybody any suggestions how we can
improve the situation? We do not offer any grants and we do not, and do
not intend to, operate an approved contractors list - again, it doesn't
help that some of the appalling work is being done by an AAAC.

Gilbert Addison
Tree and Countryside Officer
Breckland Council
Tel: 01362 XXXXXX
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