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Re: Standard of Tree Work

Subject: Re: Standard of Tree Work
From: Andy Johnson
Date: Mar 16 2006 23:22:13
FINAL PLACES NOW AVAILABLE - Ashton Court, Bristol - 23rd & 24th March
Dr Pierre Raimbault - Use of Tree Architecture as a Basis for Tree
Dr Milena Martenkov - Understanding Branch & Root Architecture
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Throughout my extensive spell in Germany it didn't matter if you flush cut
or stub cut as long as you gave it a good old smearing with "Lac Balsam"

They would however gladly send you back up to liberally smear a well
compartmentalised branch collar with a layer that would de laminate within a
season and provide an excellent habitat for vectors of infection.

Ho Hum


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From: "Paul Hawksford" <>
The foreman was grounding at the time, I've a feeling
he let me come all the way down, just so's he could
send me all the way back up, that's why I called him a
b*****d!! The idea of charging monies for flushing a
cut made sense though.

Paul H.

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