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Re: Storm the BSI!

Subject: Re: Storm the BSI!
From: Jerry Ross
Date: Mar 17 2006 09:09:08
FINAL PLACES NOW AVAILABLE – Ashton Court, Bristol - 23rd & 24th March
Dr Pierre Raimbault - Use of Tree Architecture as a Basis for Tree
Dr Milena Martenkov - Understanding Branch & Root Architecture
Dr David Lonsdale - Tree Morphology &Tree Assessment & Management, or 0117 XXXX XXX
Gifford Tree Service wrote:
Become a student and info becomes more readily available. I don’t think
it’s a secret.
Kim Gifford
Keep it quiet, but Mrs Miggins who's told to get tree work done to BS3998 doesn't want to become a student.... Likewise Mr. Miggins, who's putting up a conservatory next to the tree, under a planning consent requiring conformity to BS5837

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