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Subject: Re: consultants
From: Andersonarb
Date: Mar 17 2006 09:20:41
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In a message dated 16/03/2006 20:55:53 GMT Standard Time, 

For example a site is to be surveyed for development and you know that by  
making the report favourable for the developer that this action will 
future contracts with said developer. However if you err on the side of the 

trees this action may put the developer and other developers off you for 

So the quandary my conservationist friend thinks I will be faced with  is 
trees or paying bills.

Does anyone have experience of this and how do you choose. 

I don't see the problem; you tell the developer the trees bad when it isn't 
the council TO spots it isn't, developer either doesn't pay you or sues you 
malsomething or other. You have no choice other than to be completely 

I recently graded every tree on a site as R and the developer asked me to be 
a little less enthusiastic about them. He pointed out that I seemed to like 
them, well I did like them but that didn't alter the fact that an old railway 
siding colonised by Birch saplings were always going to be R, he probably 
those bits of the report out when I said no. He still paid me.

Your appreciation and appraisal of trees is likely to be very different to 
the Planner's and the Developers Andrew, unless they happen to be experienced 
climbing Arbs. If you can justify your position and your reasoning and 
demonstrate an understanding of the subject I genuinely don't see that you 
should have 
a problem handling the morals of the issue.


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