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RE: Storm the BSI!

Subject: RE: Storm the BSI!
From: Chris Hastie
Date: Mar 17 2006 11:12:27
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Reply interwoven with original for context.
On 17 March 2006 08:47, Jerry Ross wrote:

Just an observation: how many contractors have a copy of BS3998? At
£68 it's a bit pricey, photocopying it is illegal (I think?)
Broadening the "Standard of Tree Work" thread (well, diverting it
entirely actually) - yeah, photocopying it is illegal and yeah, it's
pricey - and you can bet your bottom euro that it will be
priced at well
over £100 when Derek Patch and his colleagues has finished
updating it -
Just as BS5837:2005 is now £120 - for which sum you get 34
computer-printed black and white A4 pages - not even bound,
but banged
out in plastic shrink-wrap.

It's interesting to note that BSI don't just do British Standards. In an 
other area of interest to me they have just published PAS 78, at £30 + VAT. 
What is utterly bizarre about the fact that it will cost you £30 + VAT just 
to download it as a PDF is what PAS stands for: Publicly Available 
Specification. Just how public can it be when it costs?

Chris Hastie
Strategy Officer (Arboriculture)
Warwick District Council

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