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Re: Storm the BSI!

Subject: Re: Storm the BSI!
From: Pete Hughes
Date: Mar 17 2006 18:19:28
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Yep, totally agree with you here Jerry. I really do not understand why BS5837, 3998 etc. cannot be available to download free of charge, like many other documents such as the TPO guidance on the ODPM website. At £3.53 a page (I just worked it out ;-) ) the cost to buy BS5837 is ludicrous.


Jerry Ross wrote:
Broadening the "Standard of Tree Work" thread (well, diverting it entirely actually) - yeah, photocopying it is illegal and yeah, it's pricey - and you can bet your bottom euro that it will be priced at well over £100 when Derek Patch and his colleagues has finished updating it - Just as BS5837:2005 is now £120 - for which sum you get 34 computer-printed black and white A4 pages - not even bound, but banged out in plastic shrink-wrap.
And the BSI don't even pay the contributors' expenses!.
As these documents have the force of law (as has been pointed out, they're often made parts of planning conditions, for instance) it seems outrageous that they're not more freely available, preferably online. So I've made a complaint to the Office of Fair Trading and with a request that they investigate the BSI under the Competition Act. I think this is a serious matter of public interest - so I've also drawn it to the attention of my MP.
Anyone else out there want to join a campaign?

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