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Re: Storm the BSI!

Subject: Re: Storm the BSI!
From: Scott Cullen
Date: Mar 18 2006 01:03:26
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I think the answer is fairly straight forward.  ODPM is a tax funded 
government ministry.  Their msiion is to distribue guidance.

As I understand it most of these standards bodies are for profit ventures.  
They don't give it away as a download becuase then fewer people would buy the 
printed version.  I really think it uis just that simple.  They may have 
obtained some government charter monopoly but they still seem allowed to make 
the money.  It may be onerous or distatsteful but it is what it is.  Would 
you say to somebody else in business, "why don't you give me your product for 
free," "why don't you lower your margin to benefit me?"

It seems similar to the acdemic journal publshers.  You pay more per page as 
a non-subscriber for a download than you would for a hard copy re-print.  We 
may not like it but it is what it is.  
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  Yep, totally agree with you here Jerry. I really do not understand why 
  BS5837, 3998 etc. cannot be available to download free of charge, like 
  many other documents such as the TPO guidance on the ODPM website. At 
  £3.53 a page (I just worked it out ;-) ) the cost to buy BS5837 is 

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