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Re: Storm the BSI!

Subject: Re: Storm the BSI!
From: Andersonarb
Date: Mar 19 2006 11:23:14
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In a message dated 18/03/2006 23:41:29 GMT Standard Time, 

SC INSERTION.  Can't comment on the nature of BSI's franchise or charter or 
monopoly.  Or if there is abuse.  It is my understanding that ISO, DIN, 
ANSI, Standards Australia etc. similarly sell their stuff.  HSE seems a 
deal, as it is a government body, but again, what has parliament authorized 
them to do?  It is very much the new government model that cost are 
recovered.  And in the end taxpayers would fund it anyway if they gave 
things away 
instead of charging subscriptions.

I can certainly comment on the BSI; they're a QUANGO Quasi Autonomous 
non-Governmental Organisation. In fact we've paid for them already I 
buttonholed JFL 
and Colin about the cost of BS5837 and asked if they actually got paid for 
their time. No said they but the BSI have spent £75k or so on secretarial 
for their meetings. 

Naturally I was gobsmacked by the £75k but then again I assume the BSI have 
swanky central London offices with gold plated taps, hence the costs. I 
certainly resent the cost of the 38 sheets of paper and was very glad when 
Colin got 
the special £50 offer out. (I'm taking the credit for that incidentally as I 
took every opportunity to snipe at the cost)

Yeah I'd storm the BSI but they probably have ex SAS security guards and I'm 
bu**ered if I'm going to risk that and pay flippin Ken Livingstone's 
congestion charge into the bargain! I bet there's nowhere to park anyway, not 
even a 
lawn to park the tank on.

Come the revolution we'll have the BSI housed in a stack of portakabins on a 
spoil heap in Doncaster alongside the similar facility to replace the House 


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