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Re: Storm the BSI!

Subject: Re: Storm the BSI!
From: Pete Hughes
Date: Mar 19 2006 13:39:41
FINAL PLACES NOW AVAILABLE - Ashton Court, Bristol - 23rd & 24th March
Dr Pierre Raimbault - Use of Tree Architecture as a Basis for Tree
Dr Milena Martenkov - Understanding Branch & Root Architecture
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Quote: "SC INSERTION.  See insertions above.  The information IS readily 
available.  In the context of developing a site a hundred or so for BS5387 cannot 
seriously be considered an impediment to developing the site.  THat's even if the 
developer wanted to purchase and understand BS5387 personally, but it is much more 
likely that the developer will hire an expert who spreads the cost of BS5387 over 
however many projects they do in the 5-10 year life of the standard.  Kalfka was a 
novelist in his spare time and worked for an insurance company (Generale) by day... 
he'd understand the business model."

What about the individual who wants to build a garage, say, on his property 
which includes a number of large trees? He's told he has to comply with 
BS5837, but he's got to pay through the nose to get it or hire a consultant? 
Not very fair really.

Your 'it is what it is' argument doesn't make it right does it?


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