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RE: Raised Planters

Subject: RE: Raised Planters
From: Addison, Gilbert
Date: May 08 2006 15:16:04
Claus Mattheck has decided that this is the way to go and there is stuff
in the Arb. Journal recent to that effect al6hough the full extent of
his work which those of us at the Barsham Trees bash were privileged to
hear was not all in the article. 
I also have aCD of stuff for Apeldoorn Municipality DOE and Arcadis Tree
Services in Holland dealing in detail with what are effectively flush
planters, (courtesy of Mike Volp). Can burn you a copy if you'd like.

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Subject: Raised Planters

Does anybody have any info on the design of an enclosed raised bed (to
built in close proximity 1.5-2 metres away ) from the flank wall of a
housing development on highly shrinkable clay.  The bed needs to contain

all root activity in a linear path. The bed should be capable of housing

up  to 8 trees of small-medium growth habit planted as 12-14's  and 
growing to maturity.

Many Thanks,

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