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Re: Street trees and the Disability Discrimination Act

Subject: Re: Street trees and the Disability Discrimination Act
From: YTF1
Date: May 10 2006 18:42:02
Why does everybody associate wheelchair users  with the above act.
Now, what if I were partially sighted and I could not read the sign on the  
bridge. FACT. The bridge owner would have to provide some other method  of 
telling me I was going to hit my head on the wall, either by electronic  
warning me or applying a barrier of sponge to stop me banging my  head.
I must remind you all that the disability discrimination act includes  people 
with type 1 diabetes, persons on zimmer frames and not forgetting the  blind, 
not just wheelchair users. The act clearly states "Make adjustments"  for 
these unfortunate persons. Now, either go ahead and remove these trees  OR 
until approached by the appropriate authorities.

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