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RE: Street trees and the Disability Discrimination Act

Subject: RE: Street trees and the Disability Discrimination Act
From: Dominic Scanlon
Date: May 11 2006 09:50:12
Chris wrote:
<Only if it is reasonably practical to do so. The DDA does not oblige the
Lake District NPA to provide a wheelchair lift up the Langdale Pikes.
Nor does it oblige the DVLA to issue driving licenses to people with
severely impaired vision, or Local Authorities to employ people with
severely impaired vision as dustbin lorry drivers.

What is important to an LA is that you have audited access, you have
identified the difficulties, you have assessed the measures needed to
improve access and have either taken those measures or have robustly
assessed them as being impractical. As with so many things, a clear
paper trail is actually the key. If you haven't even thought about
pavement widths, you're in trouble. If you have been through the process
and done what you practically can when all other issues are weighed in,
you're likely to be in the clear.>

As a parent of twins - with a double buggy at a similar width to a wheel
chair, I have great symathy for anyone in a wheel chair.  Sympathy because
access to most shops, buildings, areas is so poor.  I have to say that man
made structures ae generally the worst and that trees rarely cause a
problem.  Its hard to take the argument seriously when so many public places
are so hard to get into because of door widths and other obstructions.


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