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RE: Planning permission and TPOs

Subject: RE: Planning permission and TPOs
From: Chris Hastie
Date: May 23 2006 13:45:41
Reply interwoven with original for context.
On 23 May 2006 14:31, Baker,Ruth (Environmental Services) wrote:

I guess I'm clutching at straws here, but I want to be sure
that I've explored every possible avenue for trying to retain
this tree. I know the local tree preservation society have
got wind of this and have contacted the local press. Maybe I
should do nothing, let the s**t hit the fan and embarrass the
District Council into adopting more effective
consultation procedures.

That is probably all you can do at this point. Except quietly feed the
local residents with amunition for a ombudsman's complaint. It sounds
like an almighty screw up by the District. The other, slightly more
diplomatic approach might be to speak to the District and try to
persuade them to negotiate different foundation designs. Their Building
Control people may even have some power left to leverage a more tree
friendly design. But frankly, clever footings isn't really going to
solve the issue.

So, are you going to name and shame this terrible district then?

Chris Hastie
Strategy Officer (Arboriculture)
Warwick District Council

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