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Subject: Re: England's Trees woods and Forests consult.
From: Pete Hughes
Date: May 24 2006 21:04:59 wrote:
JJD: Yes.  Difficult to be clear on the difference between culling/killing
grey squirrels and mink as opposed to wolves and bears.  Deer are
somewhere in the middle, I suppose.  Sweet little faces but a blooming
menace.  And rabbits.  And badgers.  Strange how such a lot of wildlife
management seems to mean killing. Rat bad, dormouse good, etc etc.

I think it comes down to your definition of 'pest' which I suppose is defined by how the animal in question interacts (interferes?) with you and your world (economic or otherwise).

Interestingly, mink have shown signs of decline on rivers where otter numbers have increased (partly as a result of restrictions on pesticide use?) as the otters are outcompeting the mink for habitat. Nature can be very unpredictable, but always in an interesting way :-)



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risk assessment and management duties in the north of England. Sites are
diverse with many mature and veteran trees.
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