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Re: Confrence Presentations

Subject: Re: Confrence Presentations
From: Andersonarb
Date: May 25 2006 07:39:25
In a message dated 24/05/2006 19:44:58 GMT Standard Time, 

To be sure there's a need to "give back" to an industry.  And there is some 
presteige factor.  But the people you really want to hear are not making 
teir reputaion or learning what they know becuase of the oh so wonderful 
opportunity to speak at the PPJ conference.

So I agree with David.  Associations need to get some perspective.

er Yes, points taken. I did a quick lunch time time presentation for our 
local Round Table and now I come to think of it the .PPZ took me a week. I 
that down to not knowing much about Power Point, (and not knowing much) but 
if it 
had been done using an OHP and traditional 35mm slides it would have taken 

But the AA ain't Smith Kline Glaxo and I'd have thought a sense of proportion 
for those potential speakers appearing on their own doorstep needed to be 
maintained, loosened bowels notwithstanding of course.

Tricky though and now I've had it pointed out I think I can see both sides, 
Thanks Scott/ David.



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