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Re: Trees, development & contaminated land

Subject: Re: Trees, development & contaminated land
From: Andersonarb
Date: May 25 2006 20:16:30
In a message dated 25/05/2006 09:01:50 GMT Standard Time, writes:

When I pressed the soil testing company as
to where exactly the contamination was they agreed to take more samples
which showed the major contamination to be isolated to a 2m x 2m patch
under one of two TPO'd trees. 

This starts to sound like money for old rope doesn't it? Is this land 
contaminated? yup, bury/ cap the whole lot. Why didn't they work out it was 
just 4 
square metres in the first place? I know I'm a cynic but precisely how bad is 
it? It seems to me we frequently need to interrogate these people just a bit 
more determinedly.

I know some of these old gasworks sites have got arsnic contamination and 
I've recently looked at an old scrapyard (alright vehicle dismantlers and 
recyclers) where the oil contamination was awful, but sometimes a patch of 
Knotweed is enough for some bright spark to condemn a whole site to be capped 
stripped and taken to a 'controlled' tip. They're all condemned with the same 
broad brush. There's surely got to be a better way. 

Didn't some nurserymen used to sterilise soil with a sort of heat-treatment 
plant? It ought not to be too much of a struggle to heat treat a few cubic 
metres of Knotweed contaminated soil and stick it back in the same hole. 
better than stripping the whole lot off site and burying it.



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