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Re: Who's beat is this on?

Subject: Re: Who's beat is this on?
From: Andersonarb
Date: May 25 2006 20:37:56
In a message dated 24/05/2006 10:46:20 GMT Standard Time, 

I realised shortly after posting that I'd phrased it entirely
inappropriately. I'd be very interested to hear the professionals point
of view on this incident, if indeed there's enough known about the case
to formulate an opinion. 

Speaking from the advantageous position of being absolutely nowhere near this 
Tahir, I suspect the woman who says it was leaning and cracked and getting 
lower had never been anywhere near it with a plumb line or a tape measure. I 
suspect most Arbs have been told a tree  is definitely leaning more than it 
by people who've just been staring too hard for too long.

As for the residents who'd warned for years that it would fall, it's a pity 
they couldn't have been a bit more specific and told us precisely when it 
fall or indeed precisely how many years they'd been warning the Council and 
precisely who in the Council they'd been warning. While they were about it 
these obvious geniuses might have designed some sort of stabilisation method 
they could have installed....

Up here in S.Yorks/Derbys I didn't see much damage despite the unusually high 
winds for the time of year. I suspect that Plymouth, being a bit more 
advanced than us, in terms of spring/leaf break obviously, suffered a little 

As for the 'hundreds of years old' and the 'unstable soil after a prolonged 
dry spell,' well it probably made more sense before it was translated from 

As Edmund says 'Most press reports beg more questions than they actually 
answer' or something like that. However we should all  note that once again a 
large tree has fallen in an urban area without there being any serious injury 
life or limb.



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