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Re: Woodland TPO s

Subject: Re: Woodland TPO s
From: Andersonarb
Date: May 26 2006 16:03:59
In a message dated 26/05/2006 09:11:57 GMT Standard Time, writes:

Seems to me to be more to do with enforceability.  No point calling
something a woodland cos you think its a woodland if the legislation doesn't
allow you to enforce its management as a woodland.


But Glyn, A TPO doesn't allow you to enforce anything, it just allows you to 
prevent something. For the W TPO you are simply able to prevent anything 
happening, the regen is protected while it wouldn't be if it was a group or 
T1 etc. 
The task is to permit work that is beneficial to the long-term preservation 
of the Woodland while the owner(s) perceive some benefit as well. 

I have to accept that preventing some obsessive from mowing his woodland 
floor (and thus regen) is all but impossible but we've gotta start somewhere. 
simply thought the W TPO was thus more flexible and I think, after all the 
debate, that that's what I still think....



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