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Re: Trees, development & contaminated land

Subject: Re: Trees, development & contaminated land
From: Jerry Ross
Date: May 30 2006 10:28:40 wrote:

Hi Jerry,

I'm not sure the following would be suitable in your case, but I've
recently had experience of this. When I pressed the soil testing company as
to where exactly the contamination was they agreed to take more samples
which showed the major contamination to be isolated to a 2m x 2m patch
under one of two TPO'd trees. I have agreed with the developer and
Contaminated Land officer that the offending top 300mm of this area could
be removed using an air spade (air pick) and clean topsoil backfilled.

Hope this helps!

Assistant Tree Officer
Planning - Tree and Landscape
Thanks for that Alex - the advice about confirming the extent of contamination is a very useful tip. But one question - How do you use an air spade on contaminated soil without simply blowing the contaminants into the atmosphere and hence into the lungs of those in the vicinity? I mean the operator can wear a mask or respirator, but what about everyone else down wind?
Jerry R

Former railway sidings with conditioned approval to develop to
Various trees to be retained.
Site found to have unacceptably high levels of heavy metal contamination.
Proposed to contain the contaminants by capping the site to a depth of
What to do around the trees?
Any useful suggestions?


We are seeking a qualified and enthusiastic individual to undertake tree
risk assessment and management duties in the north of England. Sites are
diverse with many mature and veteran trees.
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