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Re: England's Trees woods and Forests consult.

Subject: Re: England's Trees woods and Forests consult.
From: Scott Cullen
Date: May 31 2006 13:29:37
There is a reason McDonalds & Burger King, Shell & Esso, etc.  want to be on 
opposite street corners.  Competition is a good thing if it means you are in 
the best market locations.

In US tree care it has long been recognized that good competitors are a good 
thing.  It raises the standard of work and consumer expectations which raises 
billing rates and margins.  And yes that's becuase it forces out the 
substandard and unprofitable contractors.

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   I  mean in business you would imagine that you don't help out the 
competition cos,  well 
  that's daft isn't it? But in the Tour-de-France you're expected to take a  
  at the front of the pelaton cos no one can be expected to break that  
  headwind for too long on their own. Roger Bannister in breaking the 4 
minute  mile 
  needed competitors to urge him along and provide the ecouragement and  
provide a 
  bit of slipstream in the early part of the race. The ultimate  capitalist 
  system would obviously be one person owning everything and all the  money 
thus no 
  one would be left to buy all his products?

We are seeking a qualified and enthusiastic individual to undertake tree
risk assessment and management duties in the north of England. Sites are
diverse with many mature and veteran trees.
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