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Dead, Dying, Dangerous Query

Subject: Dead, Dying, Dangerous Query
From: Scott Cullen
Date: Jun 01 2006 15:28:42

"Dying" is certainly a fuzzy term and subject to abuse as a grounds for 
consent (or any other agenda).  But I think that it is a fairly common term 
of art in tree care, meaning that it is in a "decline spiral" that will lead 
to death in the rather short term.  As such I think it remains a decriptive 

All organisms will die and so are all "dying" but ther term is reserved for 
conditions leading to death with some imminence or predictability.... often 
with a shortening of an otherwise predictable statistical life.

As Julian notes all tree are dangerous as well.

So while in many circimstance we would want to attached facts and qualifiers 
to "dying" it's not a meaningless term.



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  On 01 June 2006 15:43, Collette Briggs wrote:

  > Possibly, but are you suggesting the trees do not fall into the DDD
  > category? 

  Well they ain't dead, all trees are dying so that's a pretty useless
  exemption anyway. Whether or not they are dangerous depends on the
  target, which you haven't told us about.


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