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RE: Dead, Dying, Dangerous Query

Subject: RE: Dead, Dying, Dangerous Query
From: Chris Hastie
Date: Jun 01 2006 16:51:37
Reply interwoven with original for context.
On 01 June 2006 17:42, Collette Briggs wrote:

"Are you suggesting that tree plus fungus equals dead, dying
or dangerous? There is lots of middle ground.



Given the tree and fungus species, the proximity of
buildings, driveways and
foot paths and the soil type I would suggest that these trees
are likely to
have a shortened lifespan and should be considered dangerous. Yes

How shortened? Unless you believe that there is a significant risk of
them causing damage within the next eight weeks, there is no
justification for short circuiting the application process.

Chris Hastie
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Warwick District Council

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