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RE: Dead, Dying, Dangerous Query

Subject: RE: Dead, Dying, Dangerous Query
From: Chris Hastie
Date: Jun 02 2006 09:30:15
Reply interwoven with original for context.
On 01 June 2006 17:06, Collette Briggs wrote:

"Regarding the issue of removing trees colonised by a decay
fungus with the intention of preventing spread of infection,
well I can't say anything more than express my concern that
such ideas are still being considered."

Have you suggested this to the Forestry Commission?  Perhaps
you have some
other suggestions for limiting the spread of H.annosum that
they could


The FC's strategy for limiting infection by H. annosum is not, as I
understand it, based on the removal of infected trees. H. annosum spores
are endemic and attempting control the fungus by removing trees to
prevent fruiting bodies is like, well, like something that is likely to
result in wet shoes :)

The FC's strategy is based on the fact that freshly cut stumps are a
known principal route of infection. In high risk areas stumps are
treated with chemical or biological control agents or removed. Note the
high risk bit in there. When I first wandered into the woods with a
chainsaw you treated all conifer stumps everywhere with urea. More
recently it has been established that the fungus thrives particularly in
mild, well drained conditions. Current policy is to assess the risk of
infection and take action accordingly, rather than incurring the
financial and environmental cost of treating stumps where there is
unlikely to be infection.

Chris Hastie
Strategy Officer (Arboriculture)
Warwick District Council

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