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Re: Dead, Dying, Dangerous Query

Subject: Re: Dead, Dying, Dangerous Query
From: Scott Cullen
Date: Jun 04 2006 10:50:23

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  Subject: RE: Dead, Dying, Dangerous Query

  Hi Scott

  SC - I did see some research from Western US that stumps can provide a
  massive food source for aggressive Armillaria sp. (I'd guess mellea but not
  sure) and that infection areas obviously spread from cleared areas (e.g.
  blowdown patches) where stumps had been left.

  ME - Well that is my point.  When we know that the fungus decays
  non-functional xylem, it doesn't take much or any research to conclude that
  the fungus will decay dead stumps.

  SC - June 4.  I think the point of the research was that the A.sp. in 
decaying the dead stumps (which we would expect) became "better fed," and was 
able to rapidly colonize surrounding living trees.  When stumps were rogued 
out to eliminate the food source the infection patches of living trees were 
less likley to expand.  I suspect - but am not at all sure - these were 
stands of rather indiginous species or provenances, not introduce plantation 
forestry as in Adam's example.


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