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Re: Tree Root related subsidence and Woodland TPO's

Subject: Re: Tree Root related subsidence and Woodland TPO's
From: Adam Hollis
Date: Jun 06 2006 06:07:57

On 5 Jun 2006, at 22:26, wrote:

Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2006 12:06:41 +0100
Subject: Re: Tree Root related subsidence and Woodland TPO's

Would accurate level monitoring help to determine which trees were
implicated?  If so you could reasonable request this so as ensure that
only the 'problem trees' were removed.  

Alternatively if the order is pre 1999 and you consider the trees have
an exceptional amenity value or that any decision to refuse consent to
fell these trees was in the interest of good forestry, then you could
consider issuing an article 5 certificate, thus removing liability for
compensation from the Authority. 06/05/06 10:51 am >>>


Another approach might be to consider the value of the trees/woods.

Would removing the dominant oaks (?) cause an impact wider than their removal alone?

How would this impact stack up against the cost of underpinning or at the very least, the cost of level monitoring?

It's harder to argue for more info, if the other parties are just thinking, "what's the problem" it' s just a couple of trees out of a few hundred.

However, if you can conceivably arrive at a noteworthy value, others may be prepared to listen.

Of course, you could quite possibly arrive at a negligible value, if you have an abundant oak monoculture(?)...

...but then you could rest easier?



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