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Re: Dead, Dying, Dangerous Query - Adam, Mike, Scott, Julian.......etc

Subject: Re: Dead, Dying, Dangerous Query - Adam, Mike, Scott, Julian.......etc
From: Andersonarb
Date: Jun 06 2006 08:22:22
In a message dated 05/06/2006 10:29:07 GMT Standard Time, writes:

Julian - H.anosum also spreads by root contact!

I very much liked Mike's comment on the ease of getting a PhD so I might 
observe that the experts would say that wouldn't they? Cos it's one of those 
things we all know, and sounds about right.

However in my limited experience of H annosum, (I'm a city based based Arb) I 
once found the thing on an old Lawson stump, it was surrounded by more Lawson 
Cypress and various other conifers but it had not affected any of the 
neighbours... I also had it pointed out to me growing on a brick wall 
admittedly with 
Spruce all over the place but all the (admittedly quite young) Spruce seemed 
in perfect health. While there was Spruce related debris all over the place I 
couldn't actually find a stump.

I also found it growing on a lifted Birch stump, physically stuck to the root 
under tension. Couldn't find any associated decay though.

With some of these doom-mongers we have to pause a while and note what we 
don't see as much as what we do see. We probably have to look at what might 
be a 
susceptible tree and then look for the opportunist infections. As I see it 
these fungi are not agressive predators.....

I'm not disagreeing with the 'fell' conclusion though Collette, just 
questioning the epidemiology of the fungus while noting the other comments 
monocultures and the rest.


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