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Re: Tree Root related subsidence and Woodland TPO's

Subject: Re: Tree Root related subsidence and Woodland TPO's
From: Andersonarb
Date: Jun 06 2006 10:01:50
In a message dated 06/06/2006 10:29:29 GMT Standard Time, writes:

but more the LA's liability and the precedent that it might set.

Yeah, I'd sort of ignored the 'precedent' angle, partly because I don't see 
why it should set a precedent. I do get the feeling that the Insurance 
would love to be able to say "it's always the trees especially if it's an 
LA's trees" but I don't really see that one individual case should set such a 
widespread precedent.

Could you request the applicant reapply on different grounds making plain 
that you'll approve the work but just not for the subsidence reason? Or 
phrase your permission making plain the permission is approved for reasons 
other than those specified.


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