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RE: Model TPO: Crown Immunity

Subject: RE: Model TPO: Crown Immunity
From: Edmund Hopkins
Date: Jun 09 2006 07:54:52
Yes, I've done that sort of thing more than once. On one occasion the
police, credit to them, paid for a new tree, not that the fell was
problematic anyway. On another the occupants of the crack house spotted
plod immediately so it came to nothing.

I've looked at this "unlikely to be expedient bit" and it seems fine, but
does "good management" mean management with proper arb input or does it
mean trees felled willynilly for some other legitimate or spurious reason.
Recent correspondence here about prison authorities springs to mind.

Of course Steve's notes on being pro active are spot on but I can imagine
some managers will be like some head teachers, and know far more about
arboriculture than the rest of us.

Quoting John Flannigan <>:

I agree it all sounds a bit extreme but I once helped a police
by pruning a street tree that obscured the view of the suspect's house
the police's observation point. 

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