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Re: Model TPO: Crown Immunity

Subject: Re: Model TPO: Crown Immunity
From: Julian Dunster
Date: Jun 11 2006 00:27:26
One of the problems with specifications is that the uninformed folk will often seize on them and try to apply them without any understanding.

For example, in the past few years we have seen major urban wildlfires out here. Not surprisingly, mainly in the dry Ponderosa Pine forests where the needle litter was deep and very flammable. As a result some bright spark (so to speak) came up with the notion that all property should have at least 5 m between trees and buildings. That may be the right approach in areas where trees are like tinder, but it recently came up on a design next to a copper beech that I have been working hard to protect for the past 10 years. The local fire chief demanded 5 m of clearance which would effectively shave the crown in two. Tough work, saving trees from people.


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