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Re: Sudden death of Cedar

Subject: Re: Sudden death of Cedar
From: Andersonarb
Date: Jun 13 2006 17:47:54
In a message dated 13/06/2006 10:13:12 GMT Standard Time, writes:

One interesting fact though - Ivy, which had been severed, and was 
re-growing at the base of the tree, also died at the same time.

Notwithstanding other comments about foul play and the like, a very tall 
Deodar up the road from me got struck by lightning. (the day Princess Di died 
it 'appens, but I'm sure it was a coincidence). The reason the owners noticed 
was the bark scattered over the lawn some distance away.

The strip of blown off bark was not immediately obvious and the tree remained 
green for some considerable time before turning quite rapidly brown as the 
following summer developed. 

Might be worth considering Robert.


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