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Re: Create an avenue

Subject: Re: Create an avenue
From: Andersonarb
Date: Jun 14 2006 20:24:18
In a message dated 14/06/2006 19:59:35 GMT Standard Time, writes:

I spent the Saturday of Charles and Diana's wedding thinning a commercial
stand of N procera near Newbury in Berks - not that that little titbit is
apropos of anything. I wonder how they are doing now? (N procera that

I understood there to be a couple of FC trial plots somewhere. IIRC one of 
them was somewhere near Bosherston in south Pembrokeshire; I spent a few 
looking for it once but the ex-wife and then 5 year old son had a short 
attention span, can't say I blame em really.

I might have another look this summer if I can find the FC reference, on the 
other hand that might be a bit of a trial for another relationship. 

The young one that I planted as a large whip in my now deceased ex father in 
law's garden in Chesterfield took off like a rocket, I must go and see how it 
survived last winter.


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