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Re: Another legal case.

Subject: Re: Another legal case.
From: Andersonarb
Date: Jun 19 2006 08:40:19
In a message dated 17/06/2006 08:40:02 GMT Standard Time, writes:

Thanks to Dealga for supplying the notes regarding this case. 

Interesting reading there Chris. A few questions if JB or Dealga are lurking, 
nosiness as much as pertinence:
1. What was the bracket?
2. Whereabouts was it, the incident that is?
3. What sort of road was it? A or B or unclassified? 
4. What is the ISA system? I mean I presume we're talking the Matheny and 
Clark guide but has it been reformatted or something?
5. What about these level 1, 2, & 3 inspectors? Does this relate to the 
LANTRA course that is currently running or is it something JB and Dealga came 
with to describe the current state of affairs?


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