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Chemical Damaged Ash?

Subject: Chemical Damaged Ash?
From: Andersonarb
Date: Jun 19 2006 16:24:52
Quiet in here today; is there football on?

That aside I've just come back from a soon to be demolition site, little 
boxes on the hillside sort of 60s development now being replaced. There are a 
trees on the site mainly Ash & Norway Maple. As you'd imagine these are 
typical 'open space' trees, bashed with mowers and sprayed around the base 
excessively (to my way of thinking).

The Ash seem to have rather dense crowns, abnormally dense, and it occurs to 
me I've seen similar unusually dense crowns on other Ash treated in this way.

So does anybody know if this sort of growth might be caused by the residual 
chemical? Has anybody else seen anything similar?

Thanks as always.


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